OW BASKET Complete management of your Federation


OW BASKET Complete management of your Federation



We offer a tool for the federative management specialized in basketball with different modules.

The system

Federation Portal

Management of competitions, members, collaborators, competition committee, invoicing and accounting models.

Referee Portal

Designations, management of availabilities, referee’s income tax.

Coach Portal

Qualifications, validations, sports history. Training.

Federated App

Digital license, federated statistics, competitions and news and notifications manager.


Web design, news manager, integration of competitions and web statistics.

Digital Actions

Data publication on web and app, accumulated statistics of teams and players. Integration with match streaming


Fully integrated Competition Management

  • Calendar Management.
  • Automated Management of timetable changes.
  • Equipment Management and Subscription Invoicing
  • Ranking and Results Management.
  • Creation of all kinds of Competitions.
  • Multiple Scoring Systems
  • Integrated with External Data Generation Systems
  • Multi-channel publication of competitions.
  1. App 2. Web 3. Open Data

Digital Actions with multiple statistics

  • Data collection by Table Oficial.
  • Publication of Data on the Website.
  • Publication of Data in the App.
  • Cumulative Team Statistics.
  • Cumulative Player Statistics.
  • Best Players by Category, group or competition.
  • Publication of live data.
  • Possible integration with live video.
  • Configuration of multiple data collection parameters, rebounds, dunks, lost balls, depending on the competition.
  • Data Display Control.
  • Multiple formats for the presentation of the act.
acta digital baloncesto


Fans expect digital transformation, sponsors and partners want it, and the entire industry is driving it.

Licence Management automated and certified

  • e-licensing.
  • Digital signature of documents submitted
  • Online submission of all documentation required.
  • We implement club completion and payment.
  • We implement filing and payment by member federations.
  • Viewing of licences by coaches
  • Creation of match calls by Coaches and Delegates.
  • Photo management via APP.

Referee Management, a integral solution.

  • Designations.
  • Automatic payment, charges and tax withholdings for referees.
  • Technical Monitoring of Referees Forms.
  • Automatic calculation of travel expenses.
  • Digital Accreditation
  • Listings for insurance and integration with different insurers.
  • Online publication of results.
  • Integration with Moodle video-testing.
  • Licence Renewal.
  • Management of Public Holidays and non-availability.

News Manager via Web and APP with push notifications

    • Module integrated in the website and the app.
    • Customisable website.
    • Push communication of news.
    • Subscription to categories of news.

    Easy integration with other websites and Apps

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