Know about digital innovation in basketball.

AIBASKET offers instant synchronization of data collected in the digital record with the game video, providing a completely innovative solution for basketball federations and competitions.

Stop worrying about scheduling recordings.

Your games will be scheduled and recorded automatically.


As close as it gets to professional production.

Enhance broadcasts with graphics and statistics at the level of the most advanced productions.


All actions with just one click.

Watch, from the federation's app, clips of any action recorded in the digital record.


A powerful tool for players.

Save the most interesting plays of the team and review them with the players to improve their technique.


The content you truly need.

Get personalized content for each team and player.


AIBASKET is specially designed for:

Don’t fall behind:

  1. Elevate the level of competitions.
  2. Review the most interesting actions of the plays.
  3. Create relevant and valuable content.

To digitize is to drive forward

Fans expect a digital transformation, sponsors and partners want it, and the entire sector is driving it.