Complete, centralized and specialized basketball management with different modules.
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Get to know OWBASKET in a minute, we offer you a tool for complete, centralized and federation management specialized in basketballwith different modules.
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The OW BASKET System

Federation Portal

Management of competitions, federations, collaborators, competition committee, billing and accounting models.

Arbitration Portal

Appointments, availability management, arbitration income tax.

Coach Portal

Degrees, validations, sports history. Training.

Federated App

Digital license, federation statistics, competitions and news and notification manager.


Web design, news manager, integration of competitions and web statistics.

Digital Act

Publication of data on the web and app, accumulated statistics of teams and players. Integration with match streaming.

Fully comprehensive Competition Management

  • Calendar Management.
  • Automated management of schedule changes.
  • Team Management and Registration Billing
  • Classifications and results management.
  • Creation of all types of Competitions.
  • Multiple Scoring Systems
  • Integrated with External Data Generation Systems
  • Publication of multi-channel competitions.
1. App         2. Web     3. Open Data

Digital Act with multiple statistics

  1. Publication of Data on Web.
  2. Publication of Data in App.
  3. Cumulative Team Statistics.
  4. Accumulated Player Statistics.
  5. Best Players of the Category, group or competition.
  6. Publication of Live Data.
  7. Possibility ofintegration with live videos.
  8. Configurations of multiple parameters for data collection, rebounds, dunks, turnovers, depending on the competition.
  9. Data display control.
  10. Multiple formats for Presentation of the Minutes.
  11. Digital basketball record.

Automated and certified license management

  • e-license.
  • Digital signature of the submitted documentation
  • Online presentation of all necessary documentation.
  • We implement completion and payment by clubs.
  • We implement the completion and payment by the federated.
  • Viewing licenses by coaches
  • Creation of Calls for matches by Coaches and
  • Delegates.
  • Photography Management through APP.


Fans expect a digital transformation,
sponsors and partners want it and the entire sector promotes it.

Arbitration Zone, a comprehensive solution

  • Designations.
  • Automated tax payments, arbitration collections and withholdings.
  • Forms for Referee Technical Monitoring.
  • Automation of displacement calculation.
  • Digital Accreditation.
  • Listings for mutuality and integrations with different mutual societies.
  • Communication ofonline results.
  • Integrations with Moodle video-test.
  • Renewal of the License.
  • Management of holidays and unavailability.

News manager via Web and APP with Push notifications

  • Module integrated into the website and the app.
  • Customizable website.
  • Push communication of news.
  • Subscription to news categories.
  • Ease of integration with other websites or Apps.