Intelligent Automatic Referee Appointments

The Catalan Basketball Federation, in collaboration with Optimal Way, is leading the way to innovation in sports management through the application of the most advanced technology. In an ongoing effort that began in 2023 and will extend until mid-2024, the pioneering DAAI project (Intelligent Automatic Referee Appointments) is being carried out, marking a qualitative leap in the field of referee appointments.

This project, framed within the Competitive Reinforcement Initiatives program of the Generalitat de Catalunya specifically aimed at these types of innovative initiatives, has been launched with the participation of the Catalan Basketball Federation, with the support of INDESCAT (Catalan Sports Cluster) as coordinator, and the essential collaboration of Optimal Way and EURECAT, who bring their expertise in technology and artificial intelligence-based solutions

The core of this initiative is the adoption of artificial intelligence to revolutionize the traditional system of referee appointment. The goal is twofold: to optimize the process, making it more efficient both in resource use and in reducing costs for clubs, and to better adapt to the specific needs of each entity.

Optimal Way positions itself as an undisputed player in the search for innovative solutions within the realm of federative management. This collaboration stands out not only for its ability to implement advanced technological solutions but also for the personalized approach they offer, adapting to the unique needs of each federation and sports entity.

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